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Here are some ways SEO can help other areas of your business…

1. SEO Demands Website Improvements

Links to your website (green and light blue) and social media shares (purple) are both ranking factors. So how do you get these without paying someone else to do it?

The answer is better website design and useful content. People are more likely to link and share a website that looks good, and has obviously contains something useful, funny, or whatever type of content interests your audience. Better design and additional resources on your website means added value to your website and therefore, your business.

For example, compiling blog posts into an eBook is pretty common.

2. Increased Social Media Visibility

Traffic from SEO can also improve your social network activity.

Part of optimizing your website is making sure it’s integrated with your social media. Here’s a few things you can do…

  • Install social sharing buttons (for WordPress, I use Digg Digg)
  • Don’t sound too desperate, but ask people to share (go ahead!)
  • Install a Facebook Likebox, a Twitter widget, Pinterest, etc
  • Use social media icons in your header and/or footer

2. More Subscribers

Sign Up Form

Have an email list? Use sign up forms on your website and start utilizing the traffic you get from SEO to build your list.

3.Higher Conversion Rate

Want to improve your rankings and your conversion rate? Just make your website load faster. Google uses load speeds as a ranking factor (dark blue in the algorithm graph), and everybody loves fast websites.

If you have a WordPress site, see my WordPress speed guide. If you have another type of website, run it though GTmetrix and follow their recommendations.

4.Better Leads

WordPress SEO Consultant

Another benefit of SEO is that it’s extremely targeted. Someone who searches for a “WordPress SEO Consultant” (yes, that’s me) knows they need an SEO consultant specifically for WordPress websites. That’s very specific.

Before someone even contacts me, they’ve usually read about me and my services, and they think I’m a good fit. In other words, I’m using my website to sell them – so I don’t have to as much.

5.Better Branding

When people Google you, what do they see? How about some good reviews?

SEO branding

If you don’t have one already, sign up for a Google+ Business Page and ask customers for reviews. Once you get about 5-6, those nice stars will start showing up. You can also do this with Yelp and other directories.

Additionally, you can setup Google Authorship to get your photo showing up in Google…

Google Authorship Snippet

This helps you stand out from the million websites that don’t have Google Authorship. This is also good for personal branding and is crucial for bloggers.

6. Improved Customer Knowledge

Joe owns a local computer repair business. Joe only works with Windows right now, but his Google Analytics is telling him that 23.6% of his visitors are using a Mac.

Operating Systems in Google Analytics

Should Joe expand his computer business into Mac repair? When measuring your SEO (often through Google Analytics), you might stumble upon other data that can benefit your business.

  • What % of visitors are viewing from mobile?
  • What keywords are they using to find your website?
  • What external websites are you getting traffic from?
  • Where geographic locations are your visitors from?
  • What pages do they view the most?

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