Google Organic is going to shit!

June 6th, 2017 | Jeremy Mitchell | Tags:
Google Organic is going to shit. And this Fred update is scaring the #@%! ¬†out of those seo companies doing the right thing…

The organic search results of Google are sad these days. Sometimes I see Twitter messages scoring higher then websites with good information. Twitter is going down the drain these days and losing money faster¬†than sh@t rolls downhill after a major project goes belly up. It’s almost as if Google is personally sabotaging the Organic spots, to increase their awful Adwords results!

And Adwords also fails to convert apart from maybe a few hours every week. I have had campaigns running for years and never had this issue until some time last year, where traffic would suddenly stop converting for days on end, and then suddenly have spurts of converting traffic. Google has ruined adwords as well as organic – if they stopped screwing with things, then we could perhaps spend over a million dollars a year on ads, as it was close to that in the past. But since this started, we simply cannot rely on it as a stable form of driving traffic. In fact there isn’t much stability from Google right now, outside of them consistently screwing everything up!

I’m sure Google is manuplating something here, we are not talking about a respected company we can trust, we are takling about Google.

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