Web Development

Why Web Development?

Web development is the back-end programming of a website. The programming code must be clean to ensure that search engines can easily crawl the site and index for targeted keywords. SproutBuzz employs the most current website development standards to help with overall site functionality & search engine optimization.

At SproutBuzz, we don’t offshore any of our website development activities. Our in-house staff handles all web development services for our clients. We are well versed on all web development trends and ahead of the curve. The result is a website that works on all platforms (mobile, tablet, desktop) and browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.).

Our Web Development Process

The SproutBuzz web development team will generally integrate a WordPress content management system into a website. The WordPress interface is very user-friendly and allows any non-tech person to update the website on their own without a web development company holding their hand.

A custom manual is created to show a person how to update page text, add a photo, create a blog entry, etc. Don’t worry though, if you do not want to get your hands dirty with all of this WordPress mumbo jumbo, we are here for you and it just takes a phone call or an email.

Free Web Development Proposal

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