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Beckman Vineyards
Design, Development, Marketing, SEO

An effective inbound marketing strategy based on content development was boosted traffic to over 200% and helped increase online sales in more than 50%.

The Challenge: Create a new website that would become a virtual reflection of Beckmen Vineyards’ real life experience, while maximizing online sales and wine club subscriptions.

He inspired team then performed a taxonomy exercise, which resulted in a unique UX. With an intuitive “click for more,” vertical navigation style, the new website now started to reflect the experience offered at the Vineyard: easy access to what visitors seek, but still letting them explore the elements they choose to discover on their own.All the photos on the website were taken during the “golden hour” of the afternoon – a prime time for the Vineyards’ landscape. Elements of wood and earthy colors conveyed aspects of the barrels and the organic & biodynamic elements of the wine. Icons, illustrations, buttons, and every detail of the wine store and club membership area of the website were carefully thought out to strengthen the brand’s concepts.